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TFM Series

Compared with the cold runner system, the hot runner system is more efficient and accurate, resulting in parts with better quality in the finish. For correct operation of this system,It is important the quality of the sensors in the control of the distributor block. The sensors Alutal have particular characteristics as the reading accuracy and durability in the process. Fabricated thermocouple wires "special grade", our sensors have the necessary reliability for this type of equipment.

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Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Comprimento Cabo (mm) Opções
TFM K – Termopares K (Faixa 25 ~ 700°C) –

Precisão ± 1 ºC

J – Termopares J (Faixa -40 ~ 550°C) –

Precisão ± 1 ºC
Especificar CG – Conector polarizado

macho grande

CM – Conector macho

polarizado miniatura

Prefix Calibration Cable Length (mm) Options
TFM K – K Thermocouples (range 25 ~ 700C) –
Accuracy ± 1 ° C

J – Thermocouples J (Range -40 ~ 550 ° C) –
Accuracy ± 1 ° C

To specify CG – polarized connector
large male

CM – male connector
polarized miniature


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