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MANC Series

The Alutal MANC series is especially designed for use in measuring the temperature in the bearings of the turbine and generator. The sensing element (Pt100 class A 3 wire connection) is riding on a stem with Ø12 mm stainless steel 316. Anti-vibration system (the bulb is coated with Teflon which fuses to drivers protecting break some terminal), 2 adjustable connections (1 for the process and one for the cable) connection cable with internal and external insulation teflon (can optionally be supplied with simple insulation), maximum operating temperature.

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Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Comprimento

Sensor (mm)
Conexão Comprimento

Cabo (mm)
MANC Especificar 21B – 1/2” BSP

21N – 1/2” NPT

27B – 3/4” BSP

27N – 3/4” NPT
Prefix Sensor Length (mm) Connection Cable Length (mm)
MANC To specify 21B – 1/2” BSP
21N – 1/2” NPT
27B – 3/4” BSP
27N – 3/4” NPT

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