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TIM 11 / TRS 11 Series

Thermocouples and resistance thermometers of Series TIM11 / TRS11 are ideal for temperature measurement in cold chambers.

The body having stainless steel are washable and can be bent according to the need of the installation site. They are provided with connecting cable Teflon x Teflon gauge 24 AWG. They can also be provided with threads for connection to process stainless steel and optional calibration certificate.

Because of the need to use with insulated against moisture, the cable length must be specified in the order.
Sensors with head assembly can condense moisture inside the casing, leading to unstable and incorrect measurements.

Humidity and sensors do not match!

Series TIM / TRS11 of Alutal have moisture sealing using special resins in the cables connecting the pot and Internally stem, isolating the sensor from any interference that moisture inside a cold room, is likely to generate.

In thermometry, may be adopted using dual sensors basically for two reasons:

1) Dual instrumentation - the dual sensor sends the signal to two instruments simultaneously. For example, to a temperature controller and a PLC, in this way, even if the temperature controller does not have the signal relay option read temperature, you can send that signal to another instrument. This type of connection is not possible with simple sensors, since it does not have thermoelectric power required to feed two instruments simultaneously.

2) Security - with a second sensor, if the first case become damaged, it is possible to connect the instrument to the same emergency, without the need for probe replacement. Remember that this situation must be only emergency since the second sensor may be about to malfunction too, since it was exposed to the same conditions as the first.
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Technical Diagrams
Prefixo Calibração Ligação Terminal Diâmetro
Haste (mm)
Haste (mm)
Conexão Rosca Cabo Comprimento
Cabo (mm)
TIM 11 (K)* Termopares K
(Faixa de 25 até 700°C) precisão +/- 1°C
N/A PL - Pote Liso

PRM8 - Pote roscado M8

PRM10 - Pote roscado M10
30 - 3
47 - 4,7
60 - 6
80 - 8
100 - 10
120 - 12
Especificar NX (Sem conexão)

RFC (Fixa)

BA (Bucim Ajustável)
000 (sem rosca)
10B - 1/8” BSP
10N - 1/8” NPT
14B - 1/4” BSP
14N - 1/4” NPT
21B - 1/2” BSP
21N - 1/2” NPT
27B - 3/4” BSP
27N - 3/4” NPT
CE093 (TIM)
CE094 (TRS)
Especificar em mm P04 - Traça em aço inox

RBC - Certificado RBC em 3 pontos

PMA (mola de acabamento no pote)
TIM 11T (T)* Termopares T (Faixa de -40 até 200°C) precisão +/- 1°C
TRS 11-B Termorresistência PT100 (Faixa de -40 até 250°C) precisão +/- 0,4°C 2-2 fios
3-3 fios
4-4 fios

PrefixCalibrationLinkTerminalRod Diameter (mm)Rod Length (mm)ConnectionScrewCable Cable Length (mm)Options
TIM 11 (K)*K thermocouples
(Range 25 to 700 ° C) accuracy +/- 1 ° C
N/APL - Flat Pot

PRM8 - Pot threaded M8

PRM10 - M10 threaded Pot
30 - 3
47 - 4,7
60 - 6
80 - 8
100 - 10
120 - 12

To specifyNX (No connection)

RFC (Fixed)

BA (Adjustable Gland
000 (unthreaded)
10B - 1/8 "BSP
10N - 1/8 "NPT
14B - 1/4 "BSP
14N - 1/4 "NPT
21B - 1/2 "BSP
21N - 1/2 "NPT
27 B - 3/4 "BSP
27N - 3/4 "NPT
CE093 (TIM)CE094 (TRS)
To specify in mmP04 - Moth stainless steel

RBC - RBC certificate 3 points

PMA (spring finish in the pot)
TIM 11T (T)*Thermocouples T (range -40 to 200 ° C) accuracy +/- 1 ° C
TRS 11-BRTD PT100 (range -40 to 250 ° C) accuracy +/- 0.4 ° C2-2 wires 
3-3 wires
4-4 wires

* Para sensores duplos, duplicar a letra (K, T ou B)
* For dual sensors, doubling the letter (K, T or B)

Alutal performs tests in all stages of the production process of its sensors. Check below the tests and certifications applicable for this series. If you want to get a copy of the tests for the lot of your purchase, request with the commercial department at the time of your order.
Certificates for this series:

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