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TRAT Series

The TRAT series can be used in various heat treatment processes, and also be fitted with special block for IN-SITU calibration. This block allows the insertion of another thermocouple for calibration by comparison without the need to remove the same process. The CQI-9 requirement was established by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in order to develop a management system thermal process to enable defect prevention and the reduction of variation and losses in the supply chain.

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The product

The reason that led the companies to carry out the heat treatment process with care CQI-9 requirement is that it was common for heat treated parts were the causes of problems in passenger vehicles, trucks and buses.

The system consists mainly of the following tests:

System Accuracy Test (SAT) – is the comparison of temperature values generated by a thermocouple control against temperature values generated by a thermocouple accuracy test.

Temperature uniformity rating (TUS) – is to monitor the temperature variation within the furnace working zone relative to the setpoint temperature.

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diagramas técnicos
Série SALT-K

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Tubo de


“T” (mm)

“U” (mm)
Roscas Opções
TRAT J – até 750°C

K – até 1100°C

N – até 1100°C

S – até 1500°C

R – até 1500°C
310 – Aço Inox 310

400 – Ferro Ármco

446 – AçoCromo 446

450 – NodularPerlítico

600 – Inconel 600

610 – Tubocerâmico 610

710 – Tubocerâmico 710

Especificar Especificar NX – SEM ROSCA

27B – 3/4” BSP

27N – 3/4” NPT
RBC – Com certificado

para 3 pontos

SITU – Bloco especial

para calibração por

Prefix Calibration Protection Tube “T” Length (mm) “U” Length (mm) Screw Options
TRAT J – up to 750 ° C

K – up to 1100 ° C

N – up to 1100 ° C

S – up to 1500 ° C

R – up to 1500 ° C

310 – Stainless steel 310

400 – Iron Armco

446 – Chrome Steel 446

450 – Nodular Pearlitic

600 – Inconel 600

610 – Ceramic Tube 610

710 – ceramic tube 710

To specify To specify NX – THREADLESS

27B – 3/4 “BSP

27N – 3/4 “NPT

RBC – With certificate
to 3 points

SITU – Special Block
for calibration by


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