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Digital Temperature Transmitter (Microprocessor)

Temperature transmitters are used in various applications in industry for indication / control of temperature and are composed of electronic circuits
A digital temperature transmitter is one that converts the input signal from the RTD, thermocouple or mV sensors with internal electronic circuits such as microprocessors and digital converters A / D and D / A, the range and the sensor type can be configured via software.
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Technical Diagrams
Especificações • Dimensões: TTA-100 -43 mm diâmetro x 28mm altura
TTA-101 -22 x 75 x 105mm
• Precisão Total: 0,50% faixa máxima para Termoresistência
0,80% da faixa máxima para Termopares
• Tempo de Resposta: <100ms
• Saída: 4-20 mA 2 fios, linear para faixa escolhida.
• Alimentação: 12 a 36 Vcc
• Temperatura de operação: -40 a + 85°C
• Umidade ambiente: 0 a 90%
• Compatibilidade Eletromagnética: EN 50081-2; EN 50082-2
Tipo de Entrada
Tipo de Entrada • Tipo J: 0 a 800 °C (span mínimo 100 °C)
• Tipo K: 0 a 1300 °C (span mínimo 100 °C)
• Pt100: - 200 a 700 °C (span mínimo 50 °C)
Alutal performs tests in all stages of the production process of its sensors. Check below the tests and certifications applicable for this series. If you want to get a copy of the tests for the lot of your purchase, request with the commercial department at the time of your order.
Certificates for this series:

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