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Echotel® model 355 two-wire loop-powered ultrasonic non-contact transmitter

Echotel® Model 355 is a loop-powered, non-contact-type ultrasonic transmitter that performs liquid level, volume or open channel flow measurement. HART® communications are offered with a PACTware™ PC program for remote configuration and troubleshooting.

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The product

Ultrasonic non-contact technology

The level measurement is made by emitting an ultrasonic pulse from the transducer, then measuring the time required for the echo to reflect from the liquid surface and return to the transducer. The powerful electronics measure the time of the round trip pulse and, by knowing the speed of sound, calculate the distance. Since speed of sound is temperature dependent, the transducer also measures the temperature in the vessel to provide compensation for changing temperature.


  • PACTware PC program using HART Communications for remote configuration, advanced diagnostics, performance trending and troubleshooting
  • Menu-driven 4-pushbutton, 2-line x 16 character LCD user interface
  • False target rejection for identification of true echo from liquid surface
  • Common tank shapes and 20-point custom table for volume measurement
  • Resettable and non-resettable 7-digit flow totalizers
  • Flume and weir curves for open channel flow measurement, in addition to a 20-point custom table and a generic discharge flow equation


  • Kynar or polypropylene transducer
  • Cast aluminum or Lexan® electronics housing
  • HART communications

Operating principle

Ultrasonic pulses are emitted from the transducer, and the time required for the echo to reflect from the liquid surface and return to the transducer is measured.


ATEX Ex d, Ex ia
CCOE Ex ia
cFMus IS, NI
Inmetro Ex d, Ex ia
SIL SIL 1 (1oo1)

Other approvals are available. Consult factory for more details.

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