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DV80 Digital Flow Regulating Valve

DV series flow regulating valve is widely used in the fluid control field of high stability adjustment control valve. It can precisely control the percentage opening of the valve through the signal of switching on/off, and realize the functions of accurate flow rate control, batch control, fluid cut-off and the ratio of multi-media blending.

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The product


  • Widely used in the field of fluid control and quantitative loading, especially in requires precise quantitative loading ratio than ethanol gasoline loading occasions has more advantages;
  • Suitable for application where depends on the pressure, especially for accurate quantitatively blending, because of the valve open and close valve is active, the liquid flow resistance is small, no request in pipe pressure; 
  • Applicable to all kinds of high viscosity fluid control, very suitable for the application in the case of paraffin deposition in the diesel. It is an ideal replacement for electric hydraulic valve;

Working Principle:After receiving the open valve control signal from the control system, the valve shall open itself according to the instruction of the valve opening degree, and the valve opening degree can be adjusted arbitrarily within 0-100%. When the flow speed is required, freely adjust the valve opening degree according to the received control signal, and adjust the fluid flow with the control system; After receiving the instruction to keep the valve open, the valve can quickly adjust to the corresponding opening and maintain balance. The valve closes rapidly upon receipt of closing instructions. The above operation, under the command of the control system, using the principle of piston valve switch and under the control of the motor, the opening and closing operation of the valve can be freely activated and controlled by its self, without the need to adjust through external pressure or other auxiliary equipment.

Comparison of the DV Valve with Electro-Hydraulic Valve:

Technical Specification:

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Voltage 24V/DC, 220V/AC Power Consumption Valve acting: < 40W
Vavle remains open or closed: < 2W
Control Mode -NO/NC Control;
-RS 485 ModBus Control;
Valve Casing Material 304 SL
Working Temp -40ºC~+85ºC Switch Speed Fully close to fully open: <4s;
Fully opent o fully close: <2s;
Electrical Entry 2X 3/4″ NPT
Ex Proof Rating Ex d IIC T5 Gb IP Protection IP65
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