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DV Series Digital Control Valve

DV series digital flow control valves are widely used in fluid flow control applications. They can precisely control the valve's opening percentage through on/off switching signals and perform functions such as accurate flow rate control, batch control, fluid shut-off, and multi-media blending ratio adjustment. These valves can automatically turn on and shut off and offer low resistance to liquid flow, making them suitable for controlling the flow of various high-viscosity fluids.

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The product


  • By actively controlling the opening and closing of piston valves through motors, DV valves have fewer mechanical transmission components, resulting in a longer service life. This makes them suitable for applications that require frequent opening and closing.
  • They achieve precise adjustment and control of liquid flow rates, with linear adjustment of valve opening. They offer significant advantages, especially in applications that require precise quantitative loading ratios for ethanol-gasoline blends.
  • The working process has low flow resistance, making it suitable for applications where there is no requirement for pipe pressure.
  • DV valves are less affected by liquid viscosity, making them very suitable for applications involving products with high viscosity. They are an ideal replacement for electric hydraulic valves, where solenoid valve blockage is a common issue.
  • Materials like CF8 and stainless steel can be used for some corrosive products (except for acids).
  • The valve automatically closes when the power is turned off.
  • They can be installed horizontally, vertically, and obliquely, offering a wide range of applications.

Comparison of the DV Valve with Electro-Hydraulic Valve:

DisplacerDV ValveElectro-Hydraulic Valve

Acting Mode
() Not affected by fluid pressure.
() Not affected by fluid viscosity.
() Flow resistance is small
(x) Affected by fluid pressure
(x) Affected by fluid viscosity
(x) Flow resistance is big
By stepping motor
() Linear regulation
() Precisely control
By NO/NC continuously
( x ) Not perfect linear regulation
( x ) Not precisely controlled
RS 485Modbus
Valve Close() No water hammer effect
() Prevents overshoot.
() Closes quickly when power drop off
( x ) Have water hammer effect
( x ) Overshoot


Aço inStainless steel
() Resistant to acid and alkali
Carbon steel
( x ) Resistant to acid and alkali
Application() Self – pressure (self-flow) fixed load
() Paraffin deposition
() Precise blending/ loading control
() Various chemical solvents
( x ) Self-pressure (self-flow) fixed load
( x ) Paraffin deposition
( x ) Precise blending/ loading control
( x ) Various chemical solvent

SDV Series Digital Control Valve


Valve Opening Control Diagram by NO/NC

Technical Data

Voltage24V/DC, 220V/AC
Control Mode-NO/NC control;
-RS 485 Modbus control;
Working Temp.-40°C~+85°C
Ex Proof RatingEx d IIC T5 Gb
Power ConsumptionValve acting: < 40W
Valve remains open or closed: < 2W
Switch SpeedFully close to fully open: <4s;
Fully open to fully close: <2s;
MaterialBody: CF 8 ASTMA351
Trim: Stainless steel
Diaphragm: FEP fluorine coated O-ring
Electrical Entry2 of 3/4” NPT
IP ProtectionIP 65


DV-05D50 (2”)PN16/PN25/Class 150
DV-08D80 (3”)PN16/PN25/Class 150
DV-10D100(4”)PN16/PN25/Class 150
DV-15D150(6”)PN16/PN25/Class 150

Installation dimensions

Flange SizeClassL (mm)H (mm)G (mm)B (mm)E (mm)D (mm)
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