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Pig Launcher Trunnion Valve

The SRI Pig Launcher (or receiver) is safe and much more compact than a pig trap. Safe manual or automatic access door. The Pig Launcher can be fitted with an optional by-pass to allow flow between the two sides of the valve if the pig is presented at the valve ball.

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The product

  • Pig Launcher Technical Specifications
  • Range
    ND 1/2″ (DN15) to ND 24″ (DN600)
  • Classes
    ASME CLASS 150 to 2500
    DIN-PN PN 10 to 64
  • Material
    Carbon and low alloy steels
    Stainless steels
    Duplex and Super Duplex
    Nickel alloys
  • Design features
    API 6D/6A design and construction
    API 6D and ASME B1610 face-to-face
    Anti-static device
    Double block and bleed (DBB)
    Drain plug
    Connection ends upon request
    Fireproof design
    Self-relieving seat
    Soft seat insert
    Trunnion mounted
    Lifting handles/valve support
    Vent plug
  • Upon request
    Borehole full/reduced/custom
    Manual or actuated operation
  • Optional design features
    Automatic bleed system
    By-pass system
    Dual piston effect (DPE)
    Dual Insulation and Bleed (DIB)
    ENP on seat/ball/stem/body
    Extended stem
    Heating jacket
    Lockout device
    Metal to metal seats
    Overlap on seat pocket
    Overlap on dynamic seal pockets
    Overlap on all wetted parts
    Polymeric lip seals
    Single piston effect
    Stem injection fitting
    Seat injection fitting
    Transition pup parts BW ends
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