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NS Series Butterfly Valves NSF Classification 61 and 372

NSF 61 and 372 certified and dead-end service, manual and automated butterfly valves, Lug or Wafer body, ANSI 125/150 (NS, NSP) flanges.

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The product

A-T Controls NS Series butterfly valves are certified to meet the requirements of NSF 61 (Potable Water System Components – Health Effects) and NSF 372 (Potable Water System Components – Lead Content). This means that NS Series valves are certified for use (by Underwriters Laboratory) in water treatment, water purification, potable water and water distribution systems and comply with North American lead content requirements for “lead-free” plumbing.

  • Two-way bubble-tight closure for full pressure differential
  • Vulcanized molded rubber seat design
  • ASTM A395 DI and A351 CF8M body materials
  • Various seat and disc materials available
  • Square stems and ISO 5211 mounting pad for direct mounting
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