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Calibration > 02 - Uncertainty of Measurement

A measurement process can not display errors ( or existing and identified time , errors can be corrected and / or eliminated ), but there will always be uncertainty in the final result of the measurement. Uncertainty will never be eliminated, and , at best , may be reduced.

In normal use , the word " uncertainty " does not inspire confidence . But when used as a " measurement uncertainty " , it adds a specific meaning . It is a parameter associated with the calibration result , indicates the level of confidence this result, ie : is the measurement of quality because there are several sources that generate errors / flaws in the measurements : temperature fluctuations , humidity and pressure, errors systemic , among others.

When reporting the result of measurement of a physical quantity , it is required to be expressed any quantitative indication of the quality of the result in such a way that those who use it can assess its reliability . This confidence interval is what we know as " measurement uncertainty " , it is usually expressed with approximately 95 % per ISO - GUM , which is the "Guide to Measurement Uncertainty expression " and the standard NIT DICLA 21 Inmetro.

Smaller and better uncertainties are obtained by calibration by fixed points .

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