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Wires and extension cords / compensation > 02 - Precautions and Recommendations

The choice of the insulation material must be compatible with the environment in which will be installed (temperature, humidity, mechanical stress, etc.);

For applications that require resistance to moisture, use of isolation in teflon, PVC, silicone or Kapton are recommended;

Applications that require high temperature insulated wire and cable using glass fiber or ceramic fiber;

metallic braid aids in the protection of cables from mechanical actions and can be used as a shield;

flexible cables allow easier installation, reduces the possibility of damage the insulation during installation and once installed, has the same technical characteristics of the wires (hard);

Ensure correct polarity of the wires and cables for connection to the instrument, an error of reverse polarity, resulting in errors of measurement;

The wires and extension cords or compensation, should not be installed parallel or near power lines;

Using shielded cables and drain conductor to minimize interference in the signals caused by electrical fields (electrostatic noise).

Table 1 : insulation characteristics

Temperature use
Resistance abrasion

Resistance moisture
PVC-20 à 100ºCVery GoodExcellent
Silicone-30 à 200ºCGoodGood
Teflon-100 à 200ºCExcellentExcellent
Ceramic fiber

Table 2 : Reduced Sizes

Kind  Gaugeinternal insulation
external insulation
K2x32 AWG teflonteflon
K2x36 AWGteflonteflon
J2x36 AWGteflonteflon
T2x30 AWGteflonteflon
T2x36 AWGteflonteflon

Specially designed for applications where size is critical.

Table 3: AlutHel High Temperatiure
Kind  GaugeInternal InsulationExternal Insulation
K2x20 AWG CeramicCeramic

Solid conductor , temperature Maximum Use 820 ° C.
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