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Wells > 02 - Types of connections, standards and rods

Threaded: for pipes up to 4 "diameter and a maximum pressure of 150 psi.

Flanged (pressure class and diameter):

ANSI / ASME: 150-2500 pounds (10-175 kgf / cm2) and DN 20 to 600 mm (the most usual is of 1 "to 2.1 / 2")

DIN: PN10 to PN420 mca (1-42 kgf / cm2) and DN 10 to 500 mm.

Flange faces: flat or even (flat face) (FF) with projection (raised face) (RF) and ring gasket (ring type joint) (RTJ)

Grooves: MSS-SP-6 standard: for a better coupling / sealing: continuous spiral (more usual), sawn spiral, concentric, smooth.

Solder (socket-weld)

At generally low pressure lines or pressure vessel wall and which need not be removed.

Straight Rod: offers a greater wall thickness to increase corrosion resistance and also the useful life of etching conditions (abrasion).

Stem Taper: the aerodynamics of this construction provides increased resistance to the turbulence created by the high flow rate and fluid velocity.

Stem with recess: is normally used with bimetal thermometers to decrease the response time on temperature changes.

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