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High fructose corn syrup storage tanks

Two tanks (52’ Tall – Light Viscosity – 500 cP, and 40’ Tall – High Viscosity – 180000 cP) stored high fructose corn syrup for manufacturing processes that required accurate level measurement.


The customer was using a pressure sensor at the base of their tanks to measure level. The sensor would become covered with the syrup and would not accurately measure the level, causing their inventory to be off significantly. The specific gravity of the product also varied, giving them accuracy issues. This inaccuracy was causing inventory and accounting mistakes.


Since the tanks were 52’ and 40’ tall and only about 12’ in diameter, we needed to use Guided Wave Radar technology for continuous level measurement.We used singlecable flexible probe for the light corn syrup application and a twin-cable flexible probe for the heavy corn syrup, due to the pull down force on the antenna when the HFCS was cold.
Each unit was sold with a Precision Digital PD6000-6R5 – 2 Relays & 4-20 mA Out =- 85-265 VAC & 24 VDC Transmitter Supply and Precision Digital PD2811 – Plastic NEMA 4 Enclosure for 1?8 DIN Meters. These units powered the radars, sent a 4–20mA signal to their control room and had high level alarm relay points. They benefited by having excellent control over their inventory. This saved them time and money.

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