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Alimentos & BebidasLiquid cream cheese reservoir on a filling/packing line

Liquid cream cheese reservoir on a filling/packing line

Level measurement of liquid cream cheese reservoir on a filling/packaging line


Our customer currently has huge problems with a competitors capacitance probe which is unable to cope with both product buildup and changing dielectric properties as the filling line changes from one product to the next. All too often, the filling reservoir does not have enough product to fill the programmed throughput, which then leads to huge amounts of waste product as pots get under filled or not filled at all, and are subsequently rejected by the check weighing system. Recently our customer has employed an operator to manually manipulate the controlling PLC on a permanent basis- a huge cost in terms of man hours.


Magnetrol supplied a 380mm long, single rod, GWR probe with DN40 DIN 11851 process connection. This was installed quickly and easily, then calibrated using Pact ware-all in less than 30 minutes

The Magnetrol GWR worked flawlessly from the moment it was set into operation as our GWR has absolutely no issues with changing product or build up in this application. The customer has successfully run his filling line on all products without the need for any manual intervention and virtually no product loss attributed to poor level control. By using our GWR the customer has saved significant amounts of money in reduced labour cost and product loss.

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