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Homepage Alutal Vibration Seismic - Acessories 8169-75-002-AAA Two-Wire Cable Assembly

8169-75-002-AAA Two-Wire Cable Assembly

Model: 8169-75-002-AAA

2 conductor (20 AWG) twisted, shielded PVC jacketed cable, with plated steel grip for cable strain relief, male ¾” NPT end. Screws into 8200 series elbows; designed for use where cable will not be protected in conduit. Operating Temperature: -30C to +105C. Material: zinc plated steel. Cable is Belden 9320 or equal (20 AWG, overall foil shield, gray PVC jacket, black/red conductor insulation colors). XXX for length in feet.
Use with:

  • ST5484E
  • ST5491E
  • Folders

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