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SA6200 Accelerometer

The Metrix SA6200 Accelerometer is capable of sensing a wide range of vibration frequencies, which makes it ideal for use on a variety of machines.
Primary differences between the accelerometers are summarized in the table below:

SA6200API 670 Requirement
Case Material
316 SS316 SS
Freq Response (+/- 3dB)
0.5 Hz - 12 kHz10 Hz - 10 kHz
Noise Piso0.004g rms0.004g rms
Ressonância montado18 kHzN / A
Hazardous Area CertificationsCSA, ATEX & IECEXN / A

A built-in amplifier provides a 100mV/g low-impedance, constant-current output that is compatible with vibration monitoring systems, electronic switches, and 4-20mA signal conditioners.

The sensor consists of a temperature-stabilized piezo-electric core and an amplifier, packaged together in a 316 stainless steel case that is electrically isolated from the sensing circuit. A choice of mounting studs is available. Consult the product datasheet for available hazardous area approvals.

Product Aprox. Weight: 94 g (3.3 oz)


  • Bulk Cable: 9061-XXXX
  • Mounting Studs:
    - 3719-002
    - 3719-007
    - 3719-008
    - 3719-009
  • Sensor Spot Facing Kit: 9338-101
  • Mount Adaptors:
    - Stainless Steel Flange: 7084-002
    - Magnetic: 99506-020
    - Magnetic: 99506-021
  • Standard Cable Assembly: 8978-211-XXXX
  • Splashproof Cable Assembly: 8978-111-XXXX
  • Splashproof Cable Assembly with SS Armor: 9334-111-XXXX-YYYY
  • Standard Cable Assembly with SS Armor: 9334-211-XXXX-YYYY
  • Submersible (IP67) Cable Assembly, no armor: 8978-311-XXXX
  • Accelerometer EP Housing: 7295-002
  • Cable Connector-Only Assembly: 8978-200-0000

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