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Models B40 high pressure/ high temperature external cage liquid level switch

The B40 external cage type level switch is a float-actuated control specifically designed and constructed for high pressure, high temperature service conditions such as boilers. It is available in rugged industrial or ASME B31.1 construction.
External cage switches technology

A permanent magnet is attached to a pivoted switch actuator. As the float/displacer rises following the liquid level, it raises the attraction sleeve into the field of the magnet, which then snaps against the non-magnetic enclosing tube, actuating the switch. The enclosing tube provides a static pressure boundary between the switch mechanism and the process. On a falling level, the float/displacer deactivates the switch.

  • Choices of chamber materials include carbon steel, stainless steel and chrome-moly
  • 300 series stainless steel float
  • Choice of switch mechanism: ? Dry contact ? Hermetically sealed
  • Minimum specific gravity 0.65
  • Choice of switch mechanism enclosure: ? TYPE 4X polymer coated steel ? TYPE 4X/7/9 Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C & D, polymer coated aluminum or cast iron
  • Choice of tank connection: ? 1" welding nipples ? 1" or 1½" socket welds


  • ATEX housing
  • Flanged connections
  • Temperature extensions
  • Low specific gravity

Operating principle

As the counter weighted float follows liquid level changes, a magnetic sleeve is moved into or out of the field of a switch-actuating magnet causing switch operation. A non-magnetic barrier tube isolates the switch mechanism from the controlled liquid

EAC (GOST)Ex d, Ex ia
IECEx d, Ex ia
InmetroEx d
KoreaEx d
SILSIL 2 (1oo1)

Other approvals are available. Consult factory for more details.
  • Folders
  • Manuals