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DH-50 Portable Density Meter

DH-50 portable density meter is used to measure the temperature and density of the liquid in a tank with the floater being set to stop at preset height points of the liquid.The probe height value is real-time displayed on the LCD display of the density meter and up to 1,024 data can be recorded automatically. The data recordings can be transferred to your PC by wireless communication.Its portable design makes it very easy to take along to any tank by hand for a measurement.


  • É aplicável a vários produtos líquidos como derivados de petróleo , petroquímicos;
  • Utilizado para medir a densidade e a temperature do líquido nos tanques verticais, horizontais, caminhões-tanque em petroleiros de trem.

Technical Specification:

Accuracy± 0.3~0.5kg/m3Temp. CompensationAuto compensation
Repeatability± 0.1kg/m3Material for the Probe316 SS
Accuracy for Temp.± 0.1kg/m3Temp.-40ºC ~+70ºC
Calibration Stability< ± 0.1kg/m³IP ProtectionProbe IP68, other parts IP65
Hazardous RatingEx IA II C T4 Ga;verification cycleEvery two year
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