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Digital Micrometer

Model: 9060-010

The Metrix Digital Micrometer comes with the ability to change probe target material to match the material your proximity probe system is measuring. It comes standard with a 4140 steel target disk and four (4) bushings (1/4-28, M8, 3/8-24 and M10).
Additional target material disks may be ordered, see below:

Part NumberTarget Material
9083-002Monel K 500
9083-004Tungsten K 500
9083-00515-5 SS
9083-00617-4 SS
9083-007Incoloy 901
9083-008416 SS
9083-009Inconel X750
9083-010ANSI 4340 Alloy Steel
9083-011316 SS

The 9060-001 and 9060-002 have been obsoleted and replaced by the 9060-010.

Note: You can use the same Digital Proximity System (proximity probe, extension cable and driver or transmitter) to monitor thrust, radial vibration or shaft speed.
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