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MX2034 4-20 mA Transmitter

CSA, ATEX and IECEX Certified MX2034 4-20 mA Transmitter with Dynamic Signal Output

Metrix* MX2034 is configurable for radial vibration, axial position or speed measurements. It combines the performance of a fully API 670-compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system with the flexibility of digital configurability.
For the first time, users can configure their transmitter system in the field using a custom field-generated curve as well as factory pre-configured calibrations for over 20 target materials, a variety of probe tip diameters, manufacturers, extension cable lengths, and linear ranges. With the release of the Digital Proximity System DPS1.35 and its associated software, MX2034 is even more powerful and flexible for user applications. With a single transmitter, users can switch probe type, change system length, alter target material at will in field. MX2034 is capable of eliminating the cross-talk between two adjacently installed proximity probes, the dynamic output signal measured at the BNC can be configured for positive or negative polarity depending upon the application, and transient electrical spikes can be suppressed in the system. With the 4-pin connector, users of the MX2034 can send the dynamic signal output to a vibration monitoring system up to 100ft away. There are many other advanced features of the MX2034 that customers can take advantage of to optimize the value of their transmitter system. Product Aprox Weight: 247g (8.7 oz).

Vibration Mode:

  • Full scale vibration range
  • Spike suppression
  • 4-20mA decay rate

Position Mode:

  • Full scale linear range
  • 4-20mA direction in upscale or downscale

Speed Mode:

  • Full scale RPM (10 - 100,000)
  • Keyway numbers
  • Threshold voltage
  • Hysteresis

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