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TC-PAF Series

The TC-PAF series has special features that prevent these conditions from damaging the sensor, ensuring excellent performance and operating cost.

In the preheater the furnaces of cement companies temperatures can get up to 1500 ° C with the presence of suspended particles.
SAFTEMP - Sapphire Sensor Protection 
The protection of sensor with sapphire encapsulation  - SAFTEMP of Alutal ensures high resistance to temperature due to its optical transparency and no porosity. With excellent electrical insulation properties and numerous applications, sapphire extends greatly the life of the sensors as compared to conventional ceramic protections.

SAFTEMP and check out more advantages:
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Technical Diagrams

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Conexão Roscas Comprimento
Sensor (mm)
TC-PAF K - até 1100°C

N - até 1100°C

S - até 1500°C

R - até 1500°C
RFC - Rosca Fixa

BA - Bucim Ajustável

NX - Sem conexão
10B - 1/8” BSP
10N - 1/8” NPT
14B - 1/4” BSP
14N - 1/4” NPT
21B - 1/2” BSP
21N - 1/2” NPT
27B - 3/4” BSP
27N - 3/4” NPT
Especificar RBC - Certificado RBC em 3 pontos

PrefixCalibrationConnectionScrewSensor Length (mm)Options
TC_PAFK - up to 1100 ° C

N - up to 1100 ° C

S - up to 1500 ° C

R - up to 1500 ° C
RFC - Fixed Thread

BA - Adjustable Gland

NX - No connection
10B - 1/8” BSP
10N - 1/8” NPT
14B - 1/4” BSP
14N - 1/4” NPT
21B - 1/2” BSP
21N - 1/2” NPT
27B - 3/4” BSP
27N - 3/4” NPT

To SpecifyRBC - RBC certificate 3 points

Alutal performs tests in all stages of the production process of its sensors. Check below the tests and certifications applicable for this series. If you want to get a copy of the tests for the lot of your purchase, request with the commercial department at the time of your order.
Certificates for this series:

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