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REDUT Series

PT100 sensor mounted with compression spring ensures that the sensor element is firmly pressed at the measuring point, providing a more accurate and reliable reading, especially in cases where there is a vibration and movement.

With encapsulation of the sensor in a mattress formed by protection in exclusive AFP Alutal there is no risk of internal rupture in the sensor, thus allowing high reliability and high performance in the process.
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Technical Diagrams

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Conexão Diâmetro
"N" (mm)
"U" (mm)
Cabo Comprimento
Cabo (mm)
REDUT NX - Sem conexão
21B - 1/2” BSP
21N - 1/2” NPT
27B - 3/4” BSP
27N - 3/4” NPT
12 – 12,7
21 – 21,3 mm
Especificar 60 - 6 mm
80 - 8 mm
100 - 10 mm
120 - 12,7 mm
Especificar NX - Sem cabo

TT1 - Teflon x Teflon,
BItola 3x24 AWG

FF1 - Fibra x Fibra,
Bitola 3x24 AWG
PP1 - PVC x PVC,
Bitola 3x24 AWG
Especificar RBC - Certificado RBCem 3 pontos

PrefixConnectionNipple Diameter
"N" Lenght (mm)Rod Diameter "U" Length (mm)CableCable Length (mm)Options
REDUTNX - No connection
21B - 1/2 "BSP
21N - 1/2 "NPT
27 B - 3/4 "BSP
27N - 3/4 "NPT
12 – 12,7 mm
21 – 21,3 mm
To specify60 - 6 mm
80 - 8 mm
100 - 10 mm
120 - 12,7 mm

To specifyNX - No cable

TT1 - x Teflon Teflon
Gauge 3x24 AWG

FF1 - Fiber x Fiber
Gauge 3x24 AWG

PP1 - x PVC PVC,
Gauge 3x24 AWG
To specifyRBC - RBC certificate 3 points
Alutal performs tests in all stages of the production process of its sensors. Check below the tests and certifications applicable for this series. If you want to get a copy of the tests for the lot of your purchase, request with the commercial department at the time of your order.
Certificates for this series:

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