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Home Temperature Special Sensors FOFU-TC R / S / B Series

FOFU-TC R / S / B Series

The fofu-TC Series R / S / B Alutal is especially designed for use in glass fusion furnace, being manufactured with noble platinum sensors that can reach up to 1600 ° C.

They are robust sensors with high reproducibility of measurements, and if it has immersion in liquid glass can add a stabilized platinum core.

To ensure accurate our sensors are tested in our thermometry laboratory, accredited by CGCRE under the CAL-0522 number in compliance with standard ISO / IEC 17025.
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Technical Diagrams

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Bitola da Liga Comprimento
Sensor (mm)
Tubete de Platina Cabo Comprimento
Cabo (mm)
FOFU-TC R - Platina 13%
Rhodio / Platina

S - Platina 10%
Rhodio / Platina

B - Platina 30%
Rhodio / Platina
6% Rhodio
24 - 24 AWG

27 -27 AWG
Especificar NX - Sem Tubete

CT - Com tubete de platina
estabilizada (especificar
diâmetroexterno, interno e comprimento, em mm)
NX - Sem cabo

FF - Fibra x Fibra,
Bitola 2 x 24 AWG

SF - Em Silicone x Fibra
de Vidro,Bitola 2 x 18 AWG
Especificar RBC - Certificado de
calibração em 3 pontos

CCG - Conector cerâmico
polarizado macho grande

PrefixCalibrationGauge AlloySensor Length (mm)Platinum TubeteCableCable Length (mm)Options
FOFU-TCR - Platinum 13%
Rodio / Platinum

S - Platinum 10%
Rodio / Platinum

B - Platinum 30%
Rhodio / Platinum
6% Rhodio
24 - 24 AWG

27 -27 AWG

To specifyNX - No cartridge

CT - With platinum tubete
stabilized (specify
diâmetroexterno, internal and length in mm)
NX - No cable

FF - Fiber x Fiber
Gauge 2 x 24 AWG

SF - In Silicon x Fiber
Glass, Bitola 2 x 18 AWG
To specifyRBC - Certificate
calibration in 3 points

CCG - Ceramic Connector
Polarized large male

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