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Controls / Monitoring Panel

Chromalox can provide customized, integrated control, monitoring and distribution skids for All of your heat trace applications. The skids integrate control and monitoring panels like the ITLS / ITAS series with a power distribution panel, and transformer on a rugged steel frame. These skid systems are prewired, designed to minimize required space and provide site contractors with plug and play installation.
Simply land supply power wiring on the transformer and bring load wiring from the heat trace junction boxes to the internal heat trace power terminal strip. Skids can be customized to your specifications for area class, circuit count, footprint, and type of equipment included. These systems are an ideal front end to integrate with Chromalox enterprise wide supervisory control software.
  • Applicable to:
    - ITAS 6-36
    - ITLS 6-36
    - FPASM
    - FPLSM
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Power Distribution Panel: Ordinary and Hazardous Area, includes panel board, cabinet, circuit breakers
  • Transformers: Ordinary and Hazardous Area, 15 KVA to 115 KVA
  • Frames: Painted Steel, Stainless Steel, custom sizes, available sun shade, lifting eyes and lifting channels
  • Configuration: Customizable from control panel only through integrated control, monitoring, power distribution, and transformer
  • Engineering Support: Custom configuration, layout drawings, detail drawings, panel schedules, custom programming
  • Field Support: Installation, start-up, Commissioning, Programming

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