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Certain test points requiring temperature reading, but often the place to install the sensor can not be bored or there's simply no time for it.

With MAG-Sensor® of Alutal Industrial Controls, set a sensor is as simple as placing a magnet on the refrigerator door.

Simply position the sensor and ready: your strong magnet makes the fixing work for you.
These sensors are fitted with a strong magnet Neodymium Boro. This type of sensor is adapted for use on iron surfaces, and may even be used for round pieces, such as pipes.

Even with the higher temperatures in the paint and coating industry these sensors powder guarantee a secure fixing.

The fine thermocouple has an ultrafast response. It can be used in conjunction with portable display IS2000P.

Extension cable with 2 meters long.
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Technical Diagrams

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Corpo Comprimento do Cabo (mm)

TEF - Teflon

PrefixBodyCable Length (mm)
MAG-SENSORINOX - Stainless Steel
TEF - Teflon
To specify 
Alutal performs tests in all stages of the production process of its sensors. Check below the tests and certifications applicable for this series. If you want to get a copy of the tests for the lot of your purchase, request with the commercial department at the time of your order.
Certificates for this series:

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