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TPON Series

All sensors TPON series are specially designed for use in machines that work with plastic packaging. With special connection cables, resistant plastic melt temperature and resins, these sensors are widely used in industry.

For the temperature range up to 250 ° C, we have the option of providing the sensor without the metal rod using a Teflon capsule that merges into the extension cord, giving a great strength, especially against vibrations and completely sealing against infiltration.
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Technical Diagrams

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Faixa de
Haste (mm)
Haste (mm)
Cabo (mm)
TPON K / J / PT100 / T TEF - até 250°C 30 - 3

40 - 4

47 - 4,7

60 - 6

TFF - Teflon Fundido
Especificar Especificar RBC - Com certificado
de Calibração RBC em pontos

CG - Conector polarizado
macho grande

CM - Conector macho
polarizado miniatura
FV - até 500°C
MIN - até 800°C
(apenas calibração K)
30 - 3

45 - 4,5

60 - 6

PrefixCalibrationTemperature Range
Rod Diameter (mm)Rod Length (mm)Cable Length (mm)Options
TPONK / J / PT100 / TTEF - up to 250 ° C

PV - up to 500 ° C

MIN - up to 800 ° C
(Only calibration K)


47 to 4.7


TFF - Teflon Fused


45 - 4.5

To specifyTo specifyRBC - With certificate
RBC Calibration points

CG - polarized connector
large male

CM - male connector
polarized miniature

Alutal performs tests in all stages of the production process of its sensors. Check below the tests and certifications applicable for this series. If you want to get a copy of the tests for the lot of your purchase, request with the commercial department at the time of your order.
Certificates for this series:

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