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ADM-FY880S Self-Service Billing Terminal

This automatic billing terminal is designed for self-serviced billing operations done by the truck drivers or the customers themselves who have already bought the IC card issued by the company. It can deal with both the billing operations and the loading operations at the loading bay area.
This automatic billing terminal supports continuous billing operations, unfreezing frozen bills, merging bills and seals allocations.
When processing the billing operations, it reads the IC card of the customer for ID information, and then send to the loading server to verify the account information of the customer on the ERP system of the oil company. When the account data is proven legal and valid, it retrieves/downloads the data of oil purchased by the customer, and then the customer is allowed to start the billing procedures for this trip and the loading operations as well.

Technical Specification

Voltage24 V/DCDisplay Size7"
Temperature-30ºC ~ +80ºCComm. with loading controllerRS 485
Humidity10% ~ 90%RHEx RatingEx d II B T5 Gb
Comm. with PCBPM (need to connect with JOYO BPM Communicator)

System Diagram:

Information Flow Chart:

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