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Sheets and grids

The CH -1000 Temperature Sensor is designed for easy use. Used for measuring temperatures up to 300 ° C, its handle by circular Teflon fastener assures the asepsis single set .

Has its cable encapsulated by metal hose in stainless steel, thus protecting the connection from the high temperatures that the grill or plate can get. At its end has a mini connector for easy connection to our portable indicator.
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Technical Diagrams

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Comprimento do cabo (mm)
CH-1000 Especificar
Faixa de medição -40 a 260 graus °C
Base em Teflon Diâmetro 64mm
Tempo de resposta 5 segundos em uma superfície untada
Cabo com isolação em teflon Encapsulado por tubo metálico flexível em inox

PrefixCable Length (mm)
CH-1000To specify
Measuring Range-40 ° to 260 ° C
Teflon feet64mm Diameter
Response time5/2 on a greased surface
Cable with Teflon insulationEncapsulated by metal hose stainless

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