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05 - offset connectors

The offset connectors are built to withstand severe applications with maximum service life.

Their pin contacts are made with the same alloy thermocouples (T, J, K, C and E), or copper in the case of thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers, provide robust connections. They are injected with thermoplastic supporting up to 200 ° C, or of ceramics, for higher temperatures. For the fast connections, they are used in thermocouples mineral insulation and resistance thermometers with connection to 2 or 3 wires. Another important application is in extension cable splices or compensation, therefore, when used, for example, a common connector or Sindal block may exhibit read errors (a new cold seal will be created) if the temperature at the site is different from where the reading instrument is installed. In this case, apply the "law of intermediate metals"

Are polarized (negative pin has a higher or in the case of mini connectors diameter is wider) than the positive, avoiding the frequent and troublesome polarity reversals that always cause inconvenience to the process. To further emphasize, the body is marked in relief polarity of each terminal. They are available in calibrations T, J, K, N, E, S / R and B and thermoresistance, having staining according to ASTM E-230 and IEC 60584-3 for wires and extension / compensating cables.

These connectors are tested and calibrated in compliance with the rules ....