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The thermowells are accessories for the sensor element protection, as well as the protective tubes, however, are recommended when process conditions require high security and resistance:

• Suspended Particulate

• High pressures

• corrosive media

• vibrations due to high speed of fluid is required and where high mechanical resistance

This resistance is achieved by the manufacturing method. Typically, these wells are manufactured from a solid metallic bar, with a maximum length of 1 meter, varying diameters runs A longitudinal inner bore to maintain the wall thickness according to specifications, thus providing mechanical resistance to pressure and deformation, superior to metal pipes.

For temperatures above 1100 ° C, usually platinum thermocouples to using, wells are used with protective ceramic tube.

Typically, the well process connection is a tapered thread, flange or welded directly to the wall of the process.

To specify the protection wells observe the correct specification of the material, installation environment, insertion length, response time, flow rate and temperature.

The protective wells are part of a plant. These daily face some of the toughest conditions found in industry. In applications, especially in the oil and gas sectors, the consequences of a poorly executed project would be disastrous, so it pays to have great care in choosing your supplier and demand a guarantee that all standards of manufacturing these equipments are fully met .