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01 - Heat and Temperature

The temperature and heat terms are often used interchangeably . Although the two concepts are related , they have different definitions .

Are fundamental concepts of Thermology , which is the area of physics that studies the phenomena associated with heat, such as temperature, swelling , heat propagation behavior of gases , among others.


The temperature is a physical quantity used for measuring the degree of agitation or kinetic energy of molecules of a given quantity of material . The more agitated these molecules are , the higher its temperature.


The heat, which may also be called thermal energy corresponds to the energy in transit is transferred from one body to another because of temperature difference. This transfer always occurs from the higher temperature body to the lower temperature until they reach thermal equilibrium.

It is very common to hear some everyday expressions involving heat to high temperatures. For example, on a hot day, it uses the expression "Today it's hot." But bodies at low temperatures also have heat, only less. This means only that the agitation of the molecules is smaller in "cold" bodies.

The unit of measurement most commonly used to heat is the calorie (cal), but its unit in the International System is the joule (J). The calorie is defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1g of water at 1 ° C.

The relationship between calorie and Joule is given by: 1 cal = 4.186 J